Who we are

Simon Denton and Bruce Milani Gallieni are The Coffee Shot creators. With extensive experience in retail and hospitality we believe a great product and exceptional customer service are inseparable to providing a memorable experience that customers will want to repeat time and time again. Our love of coffee and a keenness to adopt ethical business practices led us to The Coffee Shot.


The Coffee Shot with Love

What we do

A passion for premium coffee and our backgrounds in retail and hospitality has led us to set up a mobile service providing ethically sourced great tasting coffee and bite sized sweet and savoury nibbles that cater for varying dietary requirements.With the rush of modern day work demands we see a valued need for mobile street trading to provide a quality high volume and speedy service to commuters who do not have the time to visit cafes or high street coffee shops.

London has been at the centre of a recent coffee revolution. We want to be up there with the vanguard delivering to the public who we feel are being denied a ‘real coffee adventure’. With a plethora of high street outlets offering mediocre coffee often adulterated with vast quantities of milk and syrupy additives, many Londoners are being denied this experience.

The Coffee Shot puts coffee right out there in front, the star of the show. Working with artisan roasters Climpson & Sons our coffee is sourced directly from the most sustainable Estate in Brazil, roasted to perfection in East London and served with the care and attention to detail necessary for a perfect cup every time.

We are proud to showcase their efforts and let the ‘Coffee’ do the talking. Our coffee can still be enjoyed with milk and sugar if desired and customers will be savouring the fuller flavours, in the knowledge that they are making a positive impact on the lives of its producers.


We will ensure consistency and quality of our service to guarantee each visit is as memorable as the first, and that The Coffee Shot becomes synonymous with great tasting coffee, unique tasty bites and unrivaled customer service. Add to this, the recent rise in popularity of street food markets across the capital, it’s not difficult to see that people want a genuine and personal experience that offers them quality and value for money with a little bit of banter. We will listen to our customers and adjust our offer accordingly, so long as coffee stays on the menu and our values remain.
The Coffee Shot is a quirky little barista driven 3 wheeled Piaggio ‘Ape’ pronounced ‘apeh’ the word for Bee in Italian. We have named ours #ninocappuccino. It is a compact operation and is completely independent, requiring no external power or waste facilities. All our waste is composted with the exception of plastic milk containers, these are recycled. We use 100% compostable cups, lids and disposables from Vegware. Making our operation one that truly regards ethical practices are just as important as great tasting coffee and ensuring our footprint, like our ‘Ape’, is a small one.

     Our Coffee


Climpson & Sons Blend, DATERRA BRAZIL

Comes from Climpson & Sons roastery based near Broadway Market East London.“The Baron” is a single origin espresso from Daterra Brazil.

Daterra was the first Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farm in Brazil. Situated in the Cerrado region in the State of Minas Gerais and also in the Morgana region of Sao Paulo. The High altitude and defined rainy season in these areas create the perfect growing conditions for sustainable arabica farming.

All our coffee drinks start with a double shot (unless of course you prefer your coffee on the lighter side) ensuring you experience a real coffee journey.

We believe great tasting coffee doesn’t have to impact negatively on the environment or on those who produce it. Daterra Estate was awarded the accolade, The Most Sustainable Farm in Brazil 2015. Added to this we use only Vegware 100% compostable cups and lids along with Fairtrade sugar and all our coffee grinds are composted too.


Climpson & Sons, The BARON

Sourcing of the coffee beans

Climpson & Sons approach to sourcing green coffee is equally driven by quality and a commitment to developing sustainable and ethical relationships. They work with trusted partners at origin to ensure producers receive fair prices and seek to develop ongoing relationships in buying from many of the same farms each year.

Climpsons & Sons Sourcing of the coffee beans
They evaluate all potential coffees through a blind cupping process and only select those they find truly exciting. Their ever-changing single origin range represents the most unique flavour aspects of each coffee producing region in an effort to highlight the tireless effort involved at farming, processing and export levels. With differing producing nations often picking and exporting at different periods throughout the year they are fortunate to focus on only working with fresh crop coffee.
The Coffee Shot Cupping
Climpsons & Sons Roasting the beans

Roasting the beans

With an intense focus on sourcing unique and exciting coffees Climpsons & Sons are inspired to take equal care in their approach to roasting. All of their coffee is roasted on an environmentally friendly Loring SmartRoast S35 where the objective is to evenly develop each coffee’s inherent sweetness, highlighting clarity and balance. With the latest in roasting technology and rigorous quality control process they are able to articulate and pursue their desired flavour profile with accuracy and consistency ensuring great tasting coffee, always.


As a roastery, cupping is one of the most important steps on the path to crafting a great cup of coffee. When they are looking to buy coffee they roast small samples from different farms and cup them blind, evaluating each as per the SCAA guidelines and assessing where they might fit into their range. As they develop each individual roast profile, they continue to cup samples from every roast to help them check consistency and quality, ensuring they’re always getting the best from every coffee they’re working with.

An invaluable tool, cupping is also a continuous learning process. The more you cup the more you begin to understand your palate, discerning different flavour notes and exploring further

The Coffee Shot Cupping
London coffee festival


Hire us

#ninocappuccino is available for your events. Promotions, launches, festivals, fetes, conferences, exhibitions and even private parties. We can deliver our exceptional coffee and service right to your door. We can even brand your event too. Give us a call on 07970197891 we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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